"How do I take Reneuve®?"

Drink your Reneuve® on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before a meal.

To Open the Vial; twist cap counter-clockwise. The Reneuve® vial contains enough thymic glandular extract, in theory, to supply telomerase enzyme for the cellular infrastructure of 1 adult. Drink the Vial in one sitting! We have had clients take the contents of this vial over several weeks but we do not recommend this anymore than your doctor would recommend taking a flu shot divided over several visits. The 30 mL vial is intended to be a Full-Body "Reset" and in theory should be taken at one time to impact all of your body's organs and cells. Take a taste test first, and then you may choose to mix your Reneuve® with a sweet, cool drink, like Gatorade or Mountain Dew, and drink within a 1/2 hour period. Reneuve® contains Grenadine (imported from France) as a sweetener/taste enhancer and some clients prefer to drink this straight out of the bottle.  Best to drink an hour before a meal on an empty stomach for greatest efficacy (i.e. when you get up in the morning before breakfast).


"How do I take Phase-5?"

Place 1 or more drops under your tongue, either in the morning when you wake up or at night before bedtime and after brushing. Clients who take this supplement before bedtime find that it helps them achieve better REM sleep, whereas clients who take Phase-5 in the morning say they notice they have more energy throughout the day. Phase-5 comes in an eye-dropper applicator bottle and, taken 1-drop or more per day (best absorbed under the tongue) Phase-5 has enough drops in it's 40 dram vial (roughly 420 drops) to last over a year! Phase-5 has a grain-alcohol base, the same as Reneuve® but without the sweetener and therefore has an indefinite shelf life (close cap after each use) and does not require refrigeration. Clients tend to keep their Phase-5 in their medicine cabinets or near their toothbrushes for this purpose.


"What are the Ingredients in Reneuve?"

Reneuve® Dietary Supplement Ingredients Expanded: Distilled Grain Alcohol (10% by volume), Distilled Water, Select Proprietary Glandular Extracts (derived from Porcine Thymus Glands), Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Fruit Juices from concentrate including Raspberry, Elderberry, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant and 3% Lemon, Citric Acid and Flavorings.


"Why use Porcine glands and not Bovine?"

Porcine glands and organs (even blood) have long been recognized as being suitable as transplant material into Humans, and the first transplants should begin within the next decade. In studies with telomere alignment, only 5 species are directly compatible with Human telomeres, and it turns out that Bovine extracts for telomere alignment purposes are only 87% compatible with Humans. Reneuve® utilizes Porcine glandular extracts for these reasons plus the superior results our products achieve over Bovine glandular extracts


"What can I expect after taking my first RESET with Reneuve®?"

It is very common to feel so energetic that you don't require much sleep the first 24 hours after taking your Full-Body Reset. We attribute this to our theory that as very cell in your body is now able to divide again (these cells are reverting to a non-senescent state while also decreasing in area) and a genetic "inventory" is underway to determine the extent your body has deviated from its original DNA blueprint. It would therefore make sense that your metabolism must compensate for these changes. After this first day, the majority of our clients mention needing extra sleep for 2 or 3 days. As studies have shown the need for REM sleep to facilitate cellular healing, it is not surprising that we need to rest while this Full-Body Reset is taking place. This does not require extra vacation, PAL, or sick time from work, it simply means you may wish to get 10 or more hours of sleep each night for a few days following your Reset.



"Can I take Reneuve® anytime or do I have to wait for 6 months?"

We have researchers and clients (including models and body builders) who take Reneuve as often as once every month, which is why we have a "Subscribe" button on our order form. Daily increases in stress levels, flu/cold seasons, excess sun exposure and hormones or pesticides introduced into the food chain and 2nd hand smoke can dramatically increase the shortening of our telomeres. If it is within your means to do so it certainly can't hurt!

Our research indicates that the greatest amount of cells in the body replicate themselves roughly every 30-36 hours. Some are slower, some are faster, but for the purposes of the Reset we'll set our timetable for cellular mitosis as 36 hours. Next we're going to use the Hayflick Limit. That's named after the Scientist who found that the average cell in our body replicates itself around 100 times (Dr. Hayflick himself uses a telomere-elongation supplement). Now here's where it gets tricky: Each time a cell undergoes division, it's CLONE has that same amount of divisions left minus 1! So, parent cell divides and the two split cells are now capable of dividing 99 times. Those 2 cells divide and the 4 generated cells are now capable of dividing 98 times. Get it?

So! How long will your cells divide given the concept that they MUST divide (like after a bad car accident or after your first couple years of Resets when your body is replacing so many damaged cells)? Here is when the math comes into play. Using the concept that the average cell replicates every 36 hours, and after 100 divisions the cell becomes senescent again means that the parent cell has 3,600 hours or 3,600 hours/24hours per day = 150 days. I need to mention this math analogy but unfortunately the telomere length will NOT be Reset back to its original (base) length after encountering functioning telomerase enzyme! No, the telomere length is dependent on the amount of building material present in each cell's nucleus as well as the presence of any oxidants (which cling to the fragmented RNA and nucleotide particles and thereby make them 'keyed wrong' for the reverse transcriptase machine's use).  Excess telomerase generated through the body itself is seen in urine samples (in young people) so this will be eventually screened and removed from the body if the body over-expresses this enzyme. Lastly, we must understand that telomere lengths do not shorten incrementally (decrease in length) as cells divide. Sometimes significant telomere loss can occur after just 1 cellular division, and scientists believe lifestyle, oxidants, and stress contribute greatly to this phenomenon.


" I'm considering the purchase of your Reneuve® supplements. What are the benefits of taking the Phase-5 drops after the one shot reset? Would it not be overdosing and wasting the product?"

The Phase-5 concept came about after we discovered our clients taking the 6-month Reset on a daily basis. This prompted the formulation of a stable product (alcohol based) that would be able to remain bacteria-free over several months. So technically, you're correct: All one needs is the 6-month Reset and you should experience the same benefits as taking the daily drops. But consider this; the thymus gland used to generate immune system enzymes and peptides daily but atrophied in our youth.  When a cell undergoes Mitosis and begins to divide, each cell that's cloned from the original parent is as "old" as the parent cell when it divided (assuming the telomerase enzyme is not constantly present in the body). So if the parent cell divided 50 times before this observed mitosis and had exactly 50 remaining divisions, the first generation of offspring would start with only 49 capable divisions. With the addition of a constant daily supply of telomerase activating enzymes these cloned cells would also have the ability (in theory, with enough intra-nucleus building material) to be Reset nearly to the level of a newborns cells! A lot of divisions may occur in 6 months time. The optimum use of a daily supplement supporting telomerase would be to take the Reneuve "Full-Body" Reset followed daily by the Phase-5 drops.


"How is this dietary supplement different from HGH?"

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is derived from the pituitary gland (ours is not). HGH's main function is to stimulate cellular growth and stimulate cellular reproduction. Like the gland we select, the pituitary gland secretes these enzymes in at the highest amounts during puberty. HGH primarily attaches to the outer layer of a cell, much as a steroid does. HGH causes multiplication of the chondrocytes of cartilage cells, which are the primary cells in the growing ends of a child's long bones (arms, legs, fingers). HGH also targets calcium retention and stimulates bone growth. Our blend of thymus glandular enzyme extracts do not stimulate, but allow the cells of the body to divide once again by replenishing the body with these potentially anti-aging glandular extracts with our dietary supplement. Your DNA, oxidant level, and physical condition will then determine the metabolic/cellular division rate you need to accomplish this Reset.


"Are there any negative side effects?"

Cellular senescence expands individual cells within the body, which is especially noticed in the large pores of the hands and face of an adult. The cellular DNA, once recombined, reduces the area of the cells by a factor of 3, thereby reducing the pore size on the epidermal layers of the body (the skin). When the skin pores decrease in size, additional cleansing of the skin may be necessary to avoid acne.

Energy levels will increase over time, and most people see less need for afternoon naps (most of our older male test subjects found these naps unnecessary the first 3 months after taking their initial Reset). This ability to nap during the day generally returns after this time, although the sleep duration is markedly lessened. How is this negative? I've had 1 complaint from a client who had 2 full time and 1 part time job. He complained that it was difficult to cat-nap during the brief time between his shifts.

Extra sleep may be required during the first 3-4 days following your Reset.

Skin on the hands may look shiny for the first several weeks. You are looking through the larger (dead surface skin) pores of your old skin and seeing the now-dilated pores of your Reset skin underneath. The human body sheds skin layers periodically and eventually the top layers will be replaced by the smaller-pored skin underneath.


"How soon can I expect my Reneuve® to arrive?"

We ship USPS Priority Mail. Our shipments go out the day following your order, and will arrive anywhere within the U.S. usually in 3-5 business days and Internationally within 10 business days. We always provide shipping/tracking information through PayPal unless it is an International shipment, and then we will inform you in an e-mail.

Sometimes the tracking information will not update for International Countries. The postal service says this is just a problem with their computers, so if you see your package 'stuck' at it's departure point here in the U.S. and that status does not change, this is likely what happened. Please give the parcel 10 days to arrive and then notify shipping@reneuve.com if it fails to arrive.


" Your competitors say that only enzymes taken sublingually will work. Is this true?"

No. Imagine if our bodies could only absorb enzymes/vitamins/nutrients through sublingual methods (placing the nutrient under the tongue until it was absorbed by the body). We'd need a drop-down pouch under the tongue to be able to absorb all our nutrients in this fashion in large doses at each meal! Yes, we'd have heads similar to Pelicans! No, although the concept of sublingual absorption is fine for small amounts of nutrients it's just impractical for larger doses. We do agree that this is the desired method of ingestion for nutrients listed and the efficacy of their administration is shown in the order of greatest effectiveness below:

1) sublingual for small amounts of nutrients (Phase-5 was designed with these clients in mind)
2) enema or suppository insertion for larger amounts, generally used for the slow absorption of medications
3) normal intake through the mouth and into the stomach. Care should be used to take the nutrients an hour before a meal, as the stomach does not immediately release the enzymes required to digest proteins/starches/carbohydrates/sugars. The food rests in the upper stomach as all food groups themselves have enzymes that start "pre-digestion" within the uncooked foods themselves. After approximately an hour, the stomach begins to release the required enzymes to complete the digestion. This is why nutritionists complain that by over-cooking our foods we destroy the enzymes that would have assisted them in digestion.

While it's true that method #2 yields a higher threshold of being properly absorbed without being degraded/broken down by stomach acids (explained in greater depth further down on this page) our demographic studies showed it would not be a great sales promotion concept. Lastly, should all enzymes and vitamins be destroyed by the acidity in the stomach, we'd be a very malnourished species! Our product boasts a stabilizing method that suspends the active enzymes and peptides in solution until the PH value of the stomach releases it. Our competitors do not utilize this enzyme stabilizing technique and so only have 1 product available. Reneuve® has both a readily-digestible and sublingual product available for our clients!


"Isn’t aging a natural process?"

Imagine waking up one morning and finding your every movement results in pain. You look in the mirror, and your face is scarred with wrinkles, your skin leathery and covered with "age spots". The blood flowing through your hardening arteries passes through internal organs that are slowly shutting down. Your eyesight is blurred and your hearing substantially diminished. Sounds scary? Yet every day this "natural" process is slowly occurring in our bodies. Aging will be labeled a disease one day, and these symptoms may be mitigated through medications, supplements, diet and exercise. If you could act NOW to slow these symptoms, why wouldn't you?


"Isn’t the purpose of life to grow old and die?"

When you thirst, you drink. When you’re sick, you take medication to enhance your immune system and fight off the infection or mitigate the pain. Now you are faced with the prospect of your body being allowed to gradually shut down over the years/decades left to you or to slow this process.  We believe the logical drive of any creature is to live a long and productive life.

I must remind people who are skeptical or worried about enzymes that in reality, all they're ingesting is a specially processed soup! No chemicals are added with the exception of grain alcohol for the preservation of the product. You are ingesting again a substance your own body made in significant amounts during it's first 25 years!

I understand it is easier to just let nature take its course than to try a "risky" product that JUST MIGHT WORK WONDERS! Our studies to date have shown every person trying Reneuve® experiences some degree of skin elasticity improvement. Maybe you won't see any difference, as is likely the case when you take vitamins and minerals as a daily supplement. If you're still young and in good shape, you likely will not see any changes either.  But perhaps you'll see significant, drastic changes that can best be mirrored after a face lift! But whatever the visual difference, you will have taken, in our opinion, the most important Step toward a longer, healthier life!


"How long before Reneuve® shows effects? What if I see no changes?"

Skin changes may occur practically overnight. Dry skin patches, sun damaged skin (meaning leathery skin, not carcinomas) and large pores have diminished between 1 and 3 days from the initial ingestion. Crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes diminish and facial wrinkles begin to soften gradually in the weeks and months to follow the initial reset. Remember that as you didn’t age overnight, the effects of the aging won’t diminish instantly either! Your body has been given key anti-aging peptides and enzymes again, and the telomerase it supports will begin to replace old tissue growth over time. The greatest comment we hear from our test subjects is "It used to be that when I looked in the mirror, I could see myself aging with every passing day. Now I see myself looking healthier and younger each morning!"

If you already have small pores on your skin (especially on your face and hands) you may not see a change in appearance. Our Philippine and Asian clients have remarkably small pores already and therefore do not see a decrease in pore size. You must note changes you feel in energy, stamina, libido, and soft-tissue areas of the body becoming more elastic again. Your skin may be the largest organ and the easiest to see changes occurring within, but your other organs should continue to benefit from supplementing your diet with this telomerase enzyme support dietary supplement.

Now we must take into account the client's Age, Lifestyle, exposure to toxins/Oxidants, and Diet.

Age Factor: Let's say you're 30 years old and just started taking a telomerase enzyme or telomere support supplement. Technically your body’s telomerase enzyme became inactive over a decade ago and your cells have "coasted along" until now. A typical adult begins to show marginal signs of aging in their late 30's to early 40's (male pattern baldness not included in this discussion), so this would suggest our cells can maintain their functionality for perhaps 10-20 years without showing too much degeneration. The 30 year old client would see minimal change in appearance and that is really what this is all about! A good analogy here is this: Don't wait until the color goes out of your hair, continue to color your hair monthly! And what of the client who's 70 years old? Studies have shown that the longer a cell is senescent the more difficult it is for the DNA to become active again. Our clients 80+ years of age see significantly less physiological change than a client 20 years younger. You must take into account that an 80 year old client has been without active telomerase for 6 decades or so. This means that the 80 year old's body has been in a state of dis-repair so long that changes may require decades, in theory, to show up! 

Lifestyle of an Athlete: Is the client into jogging/aerobics/weight lifting? Studies have shown that the more active an individual the greater their production of blood-borne stem cells. These stem cells are primordial and can become any cell that's required, thereby allowing the individual to look younger (stem cells will become any cell by destroying their own nuclear code and copying the code of the nearby cell). Stem cells go Beyond telomere length rebuilding because telomere length may not reach the original base length. Stem cell telomere length begins AT the base length and therefore has many more replications possible then a Reset cell would.

Lifestyle Sedentary: Is the client a couch potato? A person who does little exercise and spends little time in the sunlight would not show the same cellular damage and subsequent telomere shortening that their outdoor-working peer would. This client may not see much change in their appearance nor soft tissue, which likely wouldn't show significant change until their 50th year or so.

Smoker vs. Non-Smoker; Oxidant Exposure: All clients are subjected to oxidants daily. However, clients who smoke or are around 2nd-hand smoke may see the least improvement in skin-pore size and soft tissue! Oxidants may be compared to bits of metal inside of our cell's nuclear envelope. The DNA in the nucleus fragments and the tips of the nucleotides/DNA become "charged" and will attract these bits of oxidants just the same way a magnet would. Clients who are subjected to cigarette smoke should implement a regimen of anti-oxidant supplements to clean out this debris within the nucleus of the cell and thereby allow the cell's DNA fragments to have their telomeres lengthened by the telomerase enzyme and replicate once again.

Diet: Fat or thin? A thin person would likely see significant changes in their pore size, but a chubby/obese client's epidermal layer is already stretched and these clients may not see any changes occurring externally.

A significant amount of physiological attributes determine a client's aging factor that it would be very difficult to quantify this for any one client. People who are taking our telomerase enzyme support product as part of an anti-aging regimen may also want to consider Stem Cell research. We are so impressed by this particular research site that we'll include it's link in our own website; http://stemcellofamerica.com/ Their researchers claim that were a client to take these stem cells for anti-aging purposes alone, the client Will see a 10-15 year reversal in age from their appearance! Functional telomerase enzyme will, in theory, halt the aging in a client but Stem Cells have the potential, in theory, to reverse the effects of aging. Taken together the combination of Stem Cell Therapy and our Telomerase Enzyme support products have remarkable possibilities!


"Is taking Reneuve® all I need to do?"

No. As our energy levels decreased, and/or our life style became more hectic, we became more dormant and sought the comfort of relaxation at the end of the work day. Now that your energy and stamina have been returned, you must make another life change! You must return your exercise level to that point in your life when you were the most active. If this is not possible, then a controlled diet should be implemented. You must again re-learn to become active and your metabolic rate raised to that point before your lifestyle and body clock significantly slowed it down.


"Are there any areas of my body that this product will not help with?"

No. All organs of our bodies (even brain tissue to a lesser extent) have the capability of regeneration. The body's cells, after replenishment of telomere lengthening enzymes and critical anti-aging extracts, should begin to replicate immediately (mitigated by the presence of oxidants). Stem Cell Research has been showing remarkable advances in this area also. The researchers at Reneueve, LLC in no way suggest that our dietary supplement will be able to mitigate or offset the aging symptoms already occurring within our bodies, our bodies themselves must initiate these changes. We must take the same yearly precautions (annual physicals), regulate our diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle and refrain from carcinogens ( i.e. cigarette smoke and exposure to excessive sunlight). If our life-spans are truly enhanced with modern technology, allowing us access to a greater span of existence, then these precautions are even more important to us!


"How Long do I have to take this supplement?"

Think of this as you would any dietary supplement or vitamin. You are supplementing your body with important enzymes and peptides which are known to assist with the immune system and recombinant ability of the DNA within the nucleus of your body's cells thereby allowing them to divide again.  It is the opinion of the inventors of RENEUVE ™ that this supplement be taken at least bi-annually (in the case of Reneuve®) or daily (taking Phase-V) throughout the individual’s life.


"Don't you need a mechanism for getting this enzyme past the membrane surrounding the nucleus in the cells, like a virus or something?"

Ah, a little knowledge can be dangerous when it comes to science questions, eh? Throughout your first 18 years your blood passed through a particular gland in your body and carried the telomere lengthening enzymes and peptides from the thymus gland to all your cells throughout your body. The enzymes in particular that are responsible for telomere lengthening and telomerase support are the size of a large molecule. These enzymes and peptides may pass through any barrier so long as that barrier has spacing to permit the passage. A chemical transport mechanism likely already exists but a viral injection method Certainly not necessary in order for this enzyme to pass into the nucleus of the cells. Also consider that those "oxidants" and "free radicals" you hear about also make their way into the nucleus of your cells. No "viral" mechanism needs to be functioning in these situations either.


"I heard that stomach acids destroy enzymes in food. How do you get your product into the bloodstream?"

Food entering your stomach takes upwards of an hour to trigger the release of digestive enzymes. I truly wish all doctors were given the same information on every topic, but it turns out that even medical doctors specialize in specific areas of the body or in general practice. So some medical doctors will give you the "abbreviated" answers for simplicity, and most of these answers will conflict with common sense. Why would people take enzymes as supplements when the enzymes just get destroyed by stomach acids? Here are some answers provided by 3 different medical blogs:

"Most patients believe that when you eat a meal, it drops into a pool of stomach acid, where it’s broken down, travels into the small intestine to have nutrients taken out, and then goes into the colon to be passed out of the body – if you’re lucky. Not quite. What nature intended is that you eat enzyme-rich foods and chew your food properly. If you did that, the food would enter the stomach laced with digestive enzymes. These enzymes would then “pre-digest” your food for about an hour – actually breaking down as much as 75 percent of your meal. Only after this period of “pre-digestion” are hydrochloric acid and pepsin introduced. The acid inactivates all of the food-based enzymes, but begins its own function of breaking down what is left of the meal, in combination with the acid-energized, protein-digesting enzyme pepsin. Eventually, this nutrient-rich food concentrate moves into the small intestine. Once this concentrate enters the small intestine, the acid is neutralized and the pancreas reintroduces digestive enzymes to the process. As digestion is completed, nutrients are passed through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream."

"Okay, so now the food has entered the stomach, now what? The carbohydrate portion of the food, or starch digestion, continues in the stomach if it is in the proper condition; that is, if it was properly chewed and mixed with saliva to get the benefit of the ptyalin enzyme. This could continue for up to 60 minutes or longer depending on the awakening of the stomach and the production of a gastric juice that contains an enzyme called pepsin. There is also another strong acid that the stomach produces called hydrochloric acid. Pepsin is the enzyme that works only on the protein portion of the food converting it into peptides. When the food first entered the stomach, the pH is somewhere between 5.0 and 6.0, still alkaline enough for the ptyalin to continue working although it works best in a neutral pH of 7.0. Once the production of stomach acids begins lowering the pH to about 3.0, which is necessary for protein digestion, starch digestion stops and its time for the protein enzymes to go to work, but only on the protein. In fact, each enzyme has its own action and it only acts on one specific food type and in a specific pH. Enzymes that work on protein do not act on fats, sugars or starches. In addition, within each food group there are specialized enzymes that act on their variety. For example, among sugars there is maltose, sucrose and lactose, etc. Each of these own sugars has its own enzyme, and one enzyme cannot digest the other type."

"Supplemental enzymes replace the enzymes once present in raw food. Most enzymes are lost in cooking and processing. Only raw or uncooked food contains enzymes. Nature put these enzymes in food to aid in digesting the food you eat so your body's enzymes would not have to handle all the work. By taking a supplemental enzyme you free up your body's enzymes. When enzymes are missing from your food, the full burden of digestion falls on your own digestive system. Food sits in your stomach for nearly an hour before your body's digestive enzymes are secreted. It is during this time that food and supplemental enzymes do their best work breaking down complex food molecules. During the first 30 to 60 minutes after eating, enzymes are hard at work, predigesting food long before the stomach acids render some of them inactive. Enzymes not destroyed in the stomach are re-activated in the small intestine and continue working to fully digest the foods you eat."

We at Reneuve, LLC are working with the assumption that these enzymes and peptides provided by our product (themselves already the size of a small complex molecule) can and will make their way into your bloodstream within that span of time (60 minutes) before the stomach excretes digestive enzymes and lowers the PH value of the product to a significantly destructive level. Having seen the results ourselves over the span of nearly a decade supports this concept.


"Will the addition of a telomerase enzyme support product  create abnormal cell or tissue growth, such as tumors?"

No.  Telomere lengthening is a natural process that happens up until puberty. Reneuve® simply supports that natural process and tips the balance toward health in a single, Full-Body Reset. Reneuve® does not do anything that the body had not already done itself. No instances of tumors or any similar problem have ever been observed when using Reneuve® over an observational field of 10 years.


If extra telomerase is activated after cellular senescence, will it increase the chance of contracting cancer? I ask this as telomerase is what allows cancer cells to keep dividing and gives them "immortality".

No, Telomerase Enzyme activation will not induce cancer.

TELOMERE: Finger-like fragments of keyed molecules designed to link to other correctly keyed fragments of RNA after a cell divides and/or the DNA splits.

DNA Polymerase: A reverse-transcriptase machine available in all cells within the body, Polymerase is usually dormant but becomes active once an RNA fragment combines to a broken DNA fragment and initiates the repair sequence.

TELOMERASE ENZYME: an enzyme our bodies produced from the age of infancy to puberty which resets the telomere lengths of our cells allowing our cells within our bodies enough replications to reach adulthood.

TOPOISAMERASE: are enzymes that unwind and wind DNA, in order for DNA to control the synthesis of proteins, and to facilitate DNA replication.


If I am recovering from cancer, should I take Reneuve®?

No, not without your doctors consent. Some cancer treatments include telomerase inhibitor drugs.


*If you have any questions not answered or on our website, please feel free to contact us.