Success Stories

Dr. Patricia Spangler, Ph.D., Psychologist & Anti-Aging Counselor says;

"I am an Anti-Aging Expert on a cutting edge anti-aging protocol myself and cousel clients all over the world. I took Reneuve® and was amazed at the results: Increased energy, better sleep patterns, decrease in wrinkles by 25%, glowing facial skin. All these results were noted in the first 4 weeks! I am also confident you will save money and streamline your other nutritional supplements by using Phase-5 in your daily protocol."

"Here is my testimonial after taking “Reneuve” for 30 days: I am a middle-aged, anti-aging experert. I am on a cutting edge anti-aging protocol myself and counsel clients all over the world. I started taking Reneuve and was amazed at the results which are:

1) Within 36 hours; amazing increased energy. During the time I started taking Reneuve, my Mother was very ill at the hospital and I would go in and sit by her bed holding her hand 6-7 hours late night into the early morning. My sleep schedule was all screwed up with only 5-6 hours of sleeping and yet I had energy like I was 30 years old. Absolutely unbelievable to me!
2) This Reneuve increased the productivity and absorption of my daily bio-identical hormones.
3) My wrinkles decreased 25% with face skin glowing in 4 weeks!
4) I decreased all of my nutritional supplements by 50% because when I muscle tested my body, I did not need the normal full amount.

I know my body well and Reneuve has completely changed the quality of my life. After you hit middle-age, a person needs everything they can find to rejuvenate their cells and this Reneuve does the trick hands down! It is easy to take and a must for anyone serious about staying young, vibrant, and full of energy. I promise you that you will save money and streamline your other nutritional supplements by adding Reneuve to your daily protocol. I cannot wait to see what my face skin looks like after being on Reneuve for another 2-4 months!"

Another testimonial from Dr. Spangler;

"As an Anti-aging Expert in my early 60's. I have been taking Reneuve and Phase-5 for four years. Phase-5 is part of my daily protocol that I would not be without!! As you grow older everything centers around the energy you have which ultimately keeps your body and mind young so that you can continue with quality of life. From the very beginning I observed:

1) Noticeable increased energy: When I started taking Reneuve, my Mother was very ill at the hospital and I would go and sit by her bed 6-7 hours late into the night and early morning. As a person who must have 8 hours a night sleep, my sleep schedule was all screwed up with only 5 hours of sleep and yet I had energy like I was 30 years old. Absolutely unbelievable to me!
2) My wrinkles decreased 25% with face skin glowing in 4-weeks!
3) I decreased all my nutritional supplements by 50% because when I muscle tested after taking Reneuve for 6 months, I didn't need to take as many but still felt fantastic!

This has really saved me money! I have had major stress in my business over the last few months. One time when I was taking the Reneuve Booster, I decided that I would start to take it every 2 months instead of every 6 months to boost my system from all the stress. Woh!! It was as though the daily rejuvenation of my cells went up another notch. So now my protocol is taking a Reneuve Booster every 2 months with Phase-5 Drops daily along with my bio-identical hormones. If you are serious about staying and feeling young, vibrant and full of energy, you will add Reneuve protocol to your lifestyle permanently. Every friend that I have try Reneuve remarks about the energy change they feel! It is so easy to take and yet the results are so huge and noticable. There is no other product in the marketplace which does what Reneuve can do for you. I promise you that once your start taking Reneuve, you will experience the youthful advantages that I have experienced and you will want to stay on the product for the rest of your life!"


Kevin S. from Palm Springs, California says in 3 Combined Testimonials:

"At the age of 42 I started to see a bit more wrinkles, a little more gray in my hair, and puffier and darker skin under my eyes when I looked in the mirror each morning. My skin over my knuckles was so weathered that when I made a fist for a few seconds and then relaxed my hand, the skin over the knuckles would stay in a mound! My face had large pores; typical man face. Only 3 days after taking this product the pores were so small I needed a magnifying glass to see them! I do get a little acne on my forehead though. Then the hair! New hairs at my receding front forehead were seen within 6 months of my first "reset" and I thought it was just a fluke. Nope! These babies grew out, became thicker and coarser, and finally changed from a clear blond color to nearly my natural dark brown! Body hair did change back to original colors 100%. While trying to read a book during an airplane trip in 2000 I noticed I had to extend my arms fully to focus without squinting. This too has been changed back to my original 8"! Lastly, I used to try and exercise by riding my bike to work and back. It's only 4 miles, but I live on a hill. The first 2 summers (amidst 110+ degree heat) I tried this but I could only do it once, and usually felt so sick afterward that I had to take the next day off from work. Now that I've Reset my body I can ride anytime; my energy has increased so much that I even take the long way (8 miles) home after work, even in 110+ degree summer heat!

But I've been taking the RENEUVE product from the beginning (back in 2004) and now also take the RENEUVE Phase-5 nightly. One drop lets me dream again during the week (I usually only get about 4 hours sleep a night during the work week). How one product can do all this is astounding! I know it works, because it's the ONLY supplement I take (outside of a periodic antioxidant). As far as I can tell, my age progression stopped 9 years ago when I became one of the 1st people to test this product. Am I growing younger? I'll let you know in another 25 years as to that possibility. Am I growing older? Definitely not! I not only believe ths, but I'm a life-long Client! Thanks Reneuve!!"

"P.S. All pictures since age 25 show me with dyed hair. KS"


Richard Clarkson from Lumberton, NJ says;

"Testimonial: I am 70 years old, and started taking Reneuve about two months ago. I should first say, that before I was taking Reneuve, I was cycling from 20 to 50 miles a day, so, I am in good shape. However, I could not run, which was disapointing to me, as I have been a runner most of my life. I would experience a shortness of breath, and muscle fatigue very quickly. Many think Bicycle riding is good exercise. Not really. It is a transportation device, that CAN be used for exercise. We sit down, and burn far fewer calories than running. I also could not exercise my upper body, pushups and chinups were totally out of the question. Within one week of taking reneuve, I had worked up to running 10 miles, at an 11 minute mile pace. I could attain 10 minute miles with some effort. This is outstanding. This would qualify me for entry into the military. I now run 6 miles a day, at a 10 minute mile pace, followed by 30 pushups and a few chinups. Many athletes can't do one chinup. ( too heavy) The strange thing is, is that I could run all day long. I am sure that 20 miles would be possible. I would add that I am also taking other well known vitamins, but it is Reneuve that is doing it. My hair on my arms is now almost black, rather than gray, and some have said they see hair follicles on my bald top. They ARE there, but not much happening yet. Again, this is after a few days from the initial recharge I can be seen running daily, in Lumberton New Jersey. Many now wave at me, and offer water. I have met many new friends on my runs. I spread the word on Reneuve, when people ask me questions. I also lost some weight, from 186 to 173 pounds, I am 5'10". Thanks again!"

Fauncine B. from Modesto, California says;

"Since taking the Reneuve here is what I've experienced and must tell you I am very pleased:

1. I noticed a smoothing of my skin. The crapey (crepe-paperish texture) look of my face has smoothed out and the lines have softened. I do realize that some of my problem happens because I let myself get dehydrated and am trying to remember to drink plenty of fluids.

2. Also areas on my skin that had rough patchy sun damage have healed and the skin now appears like tiny healed scars. I have had many areas frozen for precancerous skin cancers in the past and these are no longer appearing.

3. My hair which had thinned in the front leaving me with a light fringe of bangs and an area I had to try to cover. This has filled in with a new growth of hair. In addition my white silvery hair has turned to more of an ash blond color and is getting darker. I have many dark hairs that weren't there 6 months ago!

This is a great product. I know you will keep advancing your research and am very interested in following and being involved in the changes."


Annemarie says:

" I am so happy with Reneuve that I had to write and tell you. Today, I met a doctor that did not believe me when I told him my age.... 44 years old - he shook his head in disbelief. I have more energy, smooth beautiful skin, and the furrow between my eyebrows/forehead wrinkes are gone. My hair is growing in as thick as it was when I was a teenager. I highly recommend this product, as it has enabled me to eliminate alot of the other supplements that I have been taking. Thanks for making such a great product"

Antoinette S. from Montreal, Quebec says:

"Je suis une femme de 48 ans, et je souffrais de toutes sortes de malaises, je n'étais vraiment pas bien, après avoir véçu des années de stress. Ma vie sociale était nul, je ne voyais quasiment plus ma famille, car je n'avais pas la force pour rien, ni de vitalité. Depuis des années que j'essaye toute sorte de produits naturels sans amélioration sauf quand je prends des anti-oxydants puissant que je retrouve un peu d'énérgie. Quand j'ai commencé les supplement reneuve et reneuve phase-5, le 10 mars 2010, après deux jours j'ai senti une difference en moi au niveau du bien-être. Je me suis sentie plus calme, paisible, joyeuse, je dors plus profondement (car avec le début de ménopause je ne dormais pas beaucoup). Après quelques jours une cicatrice entre les deux sourcils et partie à 90%. Je sentais mon corps se regénérer (j'était très maigre et je n'avais pas beaucoup de muscles) après un mois mes chairs son devenues fermes et ma peau plus élastique, les pores sont plus petits sur mon visage. Mais la plus belle expérience, et que j'expérimente certain passage de ma jeunesse, et que je me souviens des chosesdont je n'avais plus de souvenir. Je me leve plus joyeuse et moins fatiguée qu'avant et j'ai plus de courage pour faire des choses. j'ai moins de souffrances en dedans de moi."

Antoinette's 2nd Testimonial:

"I don't have a picture of me after Reneuve but i will take a picture and ask somebody who can scan it for me. by the time i show you some of my old picture in Lebanon. First time i heard about telomerase, it was aproximately 10 years ago on television at discovery channal. I was taping it on video, I felt a desire hoping that they will make this enzyme available. And now I am one of the lucky personne that can benefit from it. ( Unconsciouly the law of attraction worked for me because my desire was strong and sincere). I had a scar on ma face that is completely gone now, I do not exagerate, it is realy gone. I can jump from the bet early in the morning, I can concentrate and remember better, I can stand up without getting tired like before, my joing are like young girl again. I can enjoy life, I feel more happy. you can add this to the testimonial also. I don't know how to thank you for the product. It works very well, i never seen this before. Thank you very much, you made a person happy and healthy because of your wonderful product!".

Antoinette's 3rd Testimonial Dated 9/13/2012:

"Last time you sent me the supplement telomerase, I took the 6 months fix, and the 3rd day, I started to feel more energized. I felt I need less sleep. My memory works better and I can focus and concentrate better on my work. It puts me in a good mood. My stress went down and i felt more calm.

Went I take this telomerase supplement, some of the illnesses I have appear to be under control;

1) I had complete relief from the symptomes of menopause.
2) I am relieved from depression, joint pain, and auto-immune desease for the past few months, I guess my immune system seems to be stronger.
3) I find also that my digestion works like it did when I was young! It did really help from the problem of constipation and others.
4) My veins are stronger, I am not short of breath when I run.
5) One last thing, I used to have an upset stomach ( that can last for 3 days) from time to time when I ate meals outside my home. Since I began to take your Reneuve supplement, after one year, I didn't have anymore upset stomach.

Thank you for this wonderful supplement!"

Marc from Medina, Ohio says;

"Thank you Reneuve research center. Your product has given me a second chance in life! I'm just about 30 years old, and for the past 8 years I've undergone a lot of mental and physical stress. Every year I would see myself age faster than normal. Your product has worked wonders to give back my youthful appearance. It has healed me mentally and physically. I used to take other supplements that really only helped a little. But while using Reneuve I do not need to take them anymore! Reneuve is the ultimate universal supplement."



Derek from Las Vegas, Nevada says;

" I was experiencing discomfort, sometimes escalating into pain, in my right thigh, hip and leg. Ultra sound and then an MRI scan confirmed spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spaces in the spine, resulting in compression of the nerve roots or spinal cord). Coincidentally, at the same time as I was due to start therapy, I started taking Reneuve. Within a week, the discomfort and pain were largely gone. A month later I am still virtually free of symptoms... and have not started therapy. I had also been diagnosed with bursitis in my left elbow... that too is almost gone and I've stopped using the topical medication. Now... waiting to see what else improves!!"

Derek's 2nd Testimonial:

"I wanted to update my testimonial. I began taking this product in March of 2010, and as this is January 2013 it means my spinal stenosis and bursitis symptoms have not returned in nearly 3 years! Very impressive! Thank you so much!"

Jesus From Mexico says;

"This is a testimonial for you aftert wo and a half months with Reneuve and Reneuve Phase V. My wife and I started with Reneuve vial last january 4, 2010. We have two months and a half also taking Reneuve Phase V drop each night before sleep. I am 62 and she is 60.

We do not need to sleep a nap anymore like needed during last 10 years!
The face pores are smaller.
The hair is stronger and more abundant.
The skins spots are less and lighter
The skin changed to a very good rose color instead pale white
We can go up and down the stairs as fast as President OBAMA. Before Reneuve we did it slowly looking carefully each step
We don’t get tired anymore during long trips 8 or 10 hours on highway trips.
Our energy and optimism is noticeable higher
I don't feel tired going to the Gym and can do really very hard workout without usual pains.
My wife's arms, triceps area is recovering muscle and disappearing grease without weights lifting or special exercise for the arms, in just this two and a half months.
Some age problems, like pain in the knees, feet or legs have disappeared.
We can do longer journeys during the day and sleep excellent during the night.
Many people tell us they see us in excellent shape or ask us if we got a special rejuvenating treatment.

This is a testimonial for you after two and a half months with Reneuve and Reneuve Phase V. We think is important to put new testimonials in your page.

Jesus's 2nd Testimonial;

"We gave Reneuve and Reneuve Phase 5 two months ago to a 98 years Aunt. Nobody beleaves she has that age. But her face had wrikles forming little squares. Now she has less noticeable wrinkles forming lines but, not more squares. Now she looks on her seventies not on her nineties!. She moves, walks and stand up much better like a 75 person in very good shape, reads, go to restaurants, movies, and church. I go to gym and my muscles grow again very hard with heavy weights workout, like the times when I was in my twenties (I started in my sixties)".

Anneta M. from Brentwood, New York says;

"I am a woman, 58 years old who began to take Reneuve nearly three months ago. I am feeling more energetic now. The first change I noticed happened three days after drinking Reneuve: My skin showed some improvement. After fourteen days I noticed my mouth looked smaller and the process is more visible now, I can see how my facial features are slowly bouncing back. In my case it seems as a younger me is coming from the inside out; I look better because my face is more replenished! The skin is the outer part and its improvement is taking longer to be more obvious. The last week I was showing some of my pictures from 2005 to an old-time friend and I commented, "Look how much damage time has done to me!" and my friend answered, "That's OK, because you look much better now!"

Anneta's 2nd Testimonial:

"After 3 cellular resets: It has been a blessing to have found this product and I consider it will be the same to anyone else, so I want to share my experience as my body goes into more cellular resets. Before I took the first Renuve bottle, I felt pain in my joints when I ran, lacked energy to move much, and slept only 4 to 5 hours daily. My facial features were dropping down and it looked like the flesh was desiccating and consuming itself under my skin. Those changes were coming really fast in my life! Suddenly, I became an old lady from my 57th to 58th birthday! But now, after the resets, it is so nice to see how the "young me" is coming back! My flesh is gaining consistency all around my body; I am able to draw the arch of my eyebrows the same way I did before, since they are now where they used to be! I am not wearing makeup to cover skin imperfections and no peeling could have ever been able to do such a great job! My face is resembling my youthful face again, I am sleeping like I did before (if for any reason I stay awake, a drop of Phase-5 will be enough in helping me regain my nights), I can run when I need to do so, and I am coming back as fast as I did when I went into deterioration!! And all of that simply by drinking 3 times that bottle of little wonders! Forget plastic surgery, expensive cosmetics and treatments and products. This is the 21st Century. Who could have told me I would have this opportunity years ago? Blessings to you and your wife!"

Anneta's 3rd Testimonial:

"I drank the bottle of Reneuve the night of June 10. My office would be moved to a new location beginning the week of June 11. I was frantically working till pass 8:00 pm on June 11 and 12. When I reached home, I just have time to eat something, take a bath and go to bed to be ready for the next working day. I did noticed that I was not feeling as tired as it could have been according to the display of energy I made during the day. I worked hard. I mean it. When I wake up the morning of June 13, my first thought was “I should look like hell”, and took a glance to the mirror. The face I saw seemed sleepy, then astonished, and after that, approached in disbelief a little closer the mirror to see a more detailed me. How that could happen?! It was a younger version of me! And so suddenly! I have no explanation to what happened those years before I was taking Reneuve and what happened the first and this last time I took it. I am happy this happens whenever it happens, because after all I now look and feel like having some years less, and those are counting for a better health in the future. Once again Reneuve has made magic. It just happens like the first time I took it. I was not expecting such a dramatic change. "


Ron E. from Yucca Valley, CA says:

"To Whom it May Concern; I started using this product in August of '06. I take it by two drops per night before going to bed and have found an increase of energy to my liking in the mornings, most noticeable as I am more alert during the day and can concentrate better. Also, my sexual drive has increased. My skin is more pliable with less dryness and people do notice a change in my attitude and appearance. Most surprising is when I have stopped the product for more than a week. I did not take it with me on vacation and I can tell I had less energy and concentration, but on returning and starting my regular two drops a night, in a day I am back to the way I should feel! From now on I will not leave home without it again. Thank you for making some thing that works and makes a difference in my life for the better!"


Mary Richards from Thailand says:

"Two months ago my husband bought 2 vials of Reneuve and 2 vials of Reneuve Phase 5, one set for each of us. I must say how very pleased I am with your product! I am sleeping better than I have for years. I am also full of energy, swimming every day. As I am 83 years old, this is very important for me and I hope to continue improving daily, thanks to Reneuve."


Don Fadale from Palm Desert, CA says:

"I'm an active participant in the Mr. Universe contests and do a lot of training at the gym. I take great pride in the foods and supplements I place in my body and this, together with extreme workouts, get me into the shape I need to be in. After trying Reneuve, my energy levels increased so much that it takes me only 3 minutes of rest between sets to get my energy back! Even the youngest body builders in my gym find that remarkable! I owe it to Reneuve, and have asked to be a spokesmodel for their company because of how impressed I am with their results. Reneuve Works!"


Don Fadale, 2018



Jose H. from Sky Valley, CA says:

"My wife was going through menopause several years back. She had stopped having her periods, which was expected, but her attitude was horrible! I would come home after a day of work and she would be waiting, it seemed, to argue about anything. She was never happy anymore. We both talked about what was going on but did not know what to do, except a possible divorce. I felt that my wife was replaced by an angry little man after her mood swings began, and for over 6 months of continuous verbal abuse from her I would come home from work at night and go directly to bed to avoid the fights and arguments we'd always get into when we'd talk. I bought Reneuve because I didn't see how it could hurt, and maybe it could change my wife's physical state so that she was not in so much mental pain anymore. I spoke with the maker of Reneuve who said that it was never tested in this capacity before because none of his test subjects were going through menopause. Well, 3 HOURS after taking Reneuve my wife was happy again! We were both astounded, but gave it a month before making up our minds that the Reneuve had anything to do with it.

That was a year and a half ago, so I guess it WAS the Reneuve after all! My wife and I are not fighting or arguing now and she is once again the loving lady I married so many years ago! No, her period did not return, but her brain chemistry did! I was told that the brain chemistry appeared to revert back to a younger state in most of the test subjects and clients; those that were very aggressive in their youth became aggressive again as chemical balances reverted to a more youthful state throughout the body. But for my wife, she was gentle and loving before menopause and that is how she is again. I wrote this testimonial just so I could express my gratitude at how well this product worked. Nothing was cured with this product, only Reset! Very good analogy there, and I recommend this to all my friends! We'll be clients for as long as this product is available. It saved our marriage! Thank you for this miracle, Reneuve!"


Jo Ann C. from Palm Springs, CA says:

"I am currently 59 years old and in general good health, but did begin to experience the usual signs of aging in the past few years. To date, I have undergone two full cellular resets with RENEUVE (at 6-month intervals), and am presently taking the Phase-5 daily dose version. As of just prior to my second full reset, I began to notice that I had more energy during the day and was sleeping more soundly at night. Appearance wise, my facial complexion has become more even-toned and less dry, and the hollowness under my eyes seems to have dramatically diminished. Also noteworthy is that, given my age and the severity of a facial laceration and bone fracture that I experienced in an accident last summer, my doctors were very impressed with how quickly everything healed. I definitely plan to continue my RENEUVE regimen."


Esther S. from Switzerland says:

"I would like to write you a testimonial for the Reneuve, because since I take it, I have very astounding results. My depression is completely gone (let's say from 100% to 1%), my skin looks much younger and I feel a power like a 25 years old girl. I have so much energy, that I start to do things that I did not do for many years. Now I enjoy life again!!!!"


Mary from Vancouver, BC says:

"What's in this stuff? I can hardly contain myself! After only a week my pores are smaller and all my friends have commented on my youthful appearance! Keep up the fantastic work! I'm recommending you to all my friends!"


Ursula H. from Mill Valley, CA says:

"At age 52 I was researching ways to keep my youthful energy and came across the website of Reneuve. I purchased the original Reneuve formula and experienced very fast results of visibly tighter skin overnight as well as general increased energy levels and a sense of well being. I later used Reneuve Phase-5 and have been able to keep up the positive changes."


Samual from Denver, CO says:

"For those of you with oily and acne prone skin, this is the product for you! I could tell a difference in my skin (smoother and less acne) after the first night I tried Reneuve! I tend to be a skeptic when I try new products, but I am sold on this one! I have already told all my friends with dry or problem skin that they should give this a try!"


Barbera from Brazil says:

"Being 60 years young I have tried EVERYTHING to hide my wrinkles and age spots and more importantly, keep new wrinkles from appearing. As soon as I tried Reneuve I immediately noticed that the wrinkles around my eyes were less noticeable and now my skin looks better than it has in years! That was 6 months ago, and not only have my age spots started fading but there are no more new ones!"


Don Krug from North Hills, CA says:

"Yes, I noticed some improvement. I first used it about a year ago. I am 75 and one of the things that seemed to improve was my libito. I had trouble getting it up but after about 2 months of taking it I was waking up like I used to when I was 18. My wife wonders what happened. We start our day in a new way now. Also I have more energy and when we go on trips I don't need to take those naps in the afternoon like I did before. My doctor tells me that in my present condition I should live to be a 100. Before I had Reneuve my energy level was low and I would tire easily. I plan to keep using it as long as it is available."

Don's 2nd Testimonial:

"I feel great. I had a call from someone that was checking the product out and I gave them a good recommendation. I get compliments all the time that I don't look anywhere near my age. When people try to guess my age they are usually 20 to 30 years to young. I had a guy at the card club tell me he thought I was between 40 and 50, I was really flattered. I am 80. I don't feel like what I thought 80 would feel like. My wife wonders when am I going to slow down."


Kristine H. from Beverly Hills, California says;

"I just want to thank you for Reneuve! I took it about 5 days ago and I immediately felt clear in my thought processes with a sharpened focus. As the day continued I felt balance and ease. Thank you for developing this product!"


Michelle R. from Palm Springs, CA Says;

"I have been taken “Reneuve” during four years and I strongly recommend it. I am glad to say that I still can run without pain. At the last medical checkup, my doctor told me I have the arthritis factor controlled. I have less gray hair than before. My muscles are toned and still have some friends advising me: don’t say your age, because people can’t notice it! One thing I realized is that my body answers more quickly to exercise when taking “Reneuve”.


*All testimonials are genuine. Your results will vary.