How Does Reneuve Work?

Aging is a process. First we're born, then we grow and we keep growing into our early twenties, it's that stage of our life when reproduction is most likely to occur. Mother nature apparently only cares about us reaching the age of reproduction and so after this reproductive stage is reached, the gland which expresses critical anti-aging enzymes and immune system support atrophies and no longer expresses these enzymes into the bloodstream. That's when we start to show symptoms of aging such as baldness, swollen or varicose veins, absence of eyebrows and eyelashes and all other signs of aging. Eventually we die as our internal systems fail.

We know for a fact that certain children are born with a defective thymus gland which expresses little or no telomerase enzyme. While normal humans show aging symptoms after puberty, these children show signs of aging immediately at birth, not after puberty.

Renueve works by simply restoring thymic glandular extracts and enzymes into the body.

Telomeres are finger-like projections on the ends of each DNA fragment which 'link' to other fragments.  The problem is that each time a cell divides, a small section of the telomere length is lost. An average human cell has been calculated as having between 80 and 120 possible divisions   (the Hayflick Limit, named after researcher Leonard Hayflick) before needing the enzymes that will once again lengthen these telomere "fingers".  The Hayflick Limit constitutes the time before the telomere length is too small to allow the DNA to recombine. This 'old' cell has reached senescence (old age) when the DNA stays fragmented within the nucleus of the cell.    Cells without the ability to express (generate) their own telomere renewing enzymes are called 'Mortal' cells.

Abstract: “During the first half of this century it was believed that because cultured normal cells were immortal, aging must be caused by extracellular events. Thirty-five years ago we overthrew this dogma when we discovered that normal cells do have a limited capacity to divide and that aging occurs intracellularly. We also observed that only cancer cells are immortal. Normal cells are mortal because telomeres shorten at each division. Immortal cancer cells express the enzyme telomerase that prevents shortening. Recently, it was discovered that the telomerase gene when inserted into normal cells immortalizes them. There appears to be a relationship between these findings and aging, longevity determination and cancer. After performing the miracles that take us from conception to birth, and then to sexual maturation and adulthood, natural selection was unable to favor the development of a more elementary mechanism that would simply maintain those earlier miracles forever. This failure is called aging.”  “A brief history of the mortality and immortality of cultured cells”, Keio J Med. 1998 Sep;47(3):174-82. Hayflick L1.

The thymus gland in the human body overexpresses the greatest amount of Telomerase Enzyme and telomere support nucleotides and peptides in humans during their first 16 years (oxygenated blood passes through this gland and carries the enzymes and peptides to all cells in the body). This makes sense, as a child's cells would need more than 120 divisions for the body to grow to adulthood.

So technically, the telomeres of a child are constantly reset by these enzymes up to and throughout puberty. By the age of 25, the gland that produced these enzymes in nearly all adults has atrophied and the percentage of telomere-lengthening enzymes can be shown to be negligible.

Studies to date have shown that human cells supplied with a constant source of telomerase enzyme activating enzymes and peptides have increased their replication period past 600 doublings (an increase of nearly 700%), whereas human cells without this enzyme constantly present only average 86 doublings.

Reintroduction of thymic enzymes and peptides into a senescent cell (which has not been able to recombine it's DNA due to cellular senescence) has shown that the telomeres elongate and the DNA recombines again! Once its telomere length is reset, a healthy cell can go from a static Senescent state to a functional cell capable of cellular divisions. Reproductive cells within the human body have provisions to reset the length of their telomeres indefinitely and can be seen as having Cellular Immortality, as their ability to replicate is indefinite.

Reneuve® adds Telomere Elongating Enzymes and Peptides into the body once again. Reneuve® is rich in critical thymus glandular enzymes and peptide extracts, which have been shown in laboratory testing to support the telomerase which can activate and reset the telomere length of Recombinant DNA.

It is important to note that Reneuve® simply places Telomere Lengthening Enzymes, nucleotides, and peptides back into the body. This supplement itself will NOT treat, mitigate, or cure any age-related disease!   Any change in age-related symptoms which may show positive changes after taking our products occur from the user's own cellular and metabolic ability to repair or correct cellular, organ specific, hormonal, or skin related problems. Reneuve® also will not cause you to "grow younger". Research indicates that cells retain their age "odometer" and could continue to function normally with telomere support products but they are still at the age they were when their telomeres lengthened and cellular division began again.

Each individual in our tests has shown different results as the age-related symptoms themselves differ from person to person. Results will therefore vary from person to person. A healthy individual with no skin or age-related problems will likely "see" NO visual changes! The makers of Reneuve® still recommend this nutritional supplement, as a young person in good health taking Reneuve® may not experience cellular senescence and could, in theory, retain his or her youthful appearance and energy for an extended period of time. Think of this as you would when taking a vitamin or mineral supplement, you take it to supplement the deficiency of these vitamins/minerals in your body and to ensure your body performs at it's optimal potential. Reneuve® just may be the most important supplement in your lifestyle!


Once the telomeres become elongated within senescent cells and the cell divides, the cellular odometer starts incrementing again. We know that the average cell will tend to divide every 30-36 hours when replacing damaged tissue, so 120 cellular divisions would equal approximately3600 hours or150 days at full speed such as that which would be required during a severe trauma to the body or an extended time telomerase enzyme was last active in the body. This is the worse-case scenario, and may be more or less depending on the individual's metabolic rate and diet. For this reason, we recommend taking a single 30 milliliter vial of Reneuve® dietary supplement at least every 6 months.

If you wish to take Reneuve more often, this is also OK as the body excretes unused telomere lengthening enzymes and peptides urine, so there is no chance of "over-dosing" this natural extract.. If the individual then wishes to follow this full body reset with daily supplemental drops of Phase 5, this would (according to our theory) be the way to gain the most benefit from this remarkable Dietary Supplement.

In Conclusion:

You must weigh your questions against the weight of the benefits a product claims to provide. The weight of a question or key words used in its asking can destroy seminars from any scientist or researcher on any topic, even when those researchers are forefront in their area of expertise! It really comes down to "should I try this or not?" and that becomes a question which is subjective to each individual client. Price and availability are not the determining factors; you could not give free samples away to people already having a negative opinion on the benefits a product claims it returns to a client.

And unfortunately, most professional's answers are themselves weighted by their own belief system, educational level in the area in question, and personal goals. No amount of Professionals with Doctorates will return the same answer on any question. Ask the same question to enough Professionals and you'll hear such a wide-variety of answers that eventually you'll hear the one you want! I simply asked myself;

"What am I trying to achieve here?" Longer, healthier life so that I may complete more projects and live beyond my years.

"What are the benefits of Reneuve?" It gives me the tools that my body needs to support a healthier, longer life.

"What do I have to lose?" Nothing I would miss!

"What do I have to gain?" Extra hours, days, years, perhaps even decades in which to continue with my research, and youthful energy and stamina to take with me throughout my day.

And there it is.

We would not say our product functions better than any others on the market, and we will not discredit any other products claims nor allow our distributors to use this tactic. This is not beneficial to the mission of this company nor to the professionals in the anti-aging dietary supplement industry. This is, in our opinion, the keystone to the most important concept ever discovered in molecular biology! Our congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for her work with telomeres and telomerase enzyme spanning 2 decades. Thank you Elizabeth!


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Results Reported From Reneuve Users:

  •  Reduction in size of scar tissue (childhood scars notably diminishing as time progresses in test subject ongoing 3 years of initial Reset).

  •  Varicose / Spider Veins Fading (multiple subjects noticed varicose veins in ankle area of foot had totally abated after 3 weeks).

  •  Body hair returning to natural color (this classification seems to be slowest in developing and may take many years. Head hair color does not appear affected by this supplement).

  •  Hairline expansion in subjects with moderate male-pattern baldness (new hairs growing within a months time and increased hairline noted over timeline of several years).

  •  Greater Skin Elasticity and reduction in 'crows feet' around the eyes (observed at the 3rd week).

  •  Age-related reading problems diminishing through renewed macular elasticity (several users reported not needing reading glasses at the 3rd week of their initial reset).

  •  HGH induced a 2" increase in physical height in one user years earlier (this user's height was returned to normal 6 months after taking his first Reset with RENEUVE ).

  •  Many subjects rarely dreamed during the week (these user's REM sleep/activity increased immediately and dramatically after taking Reneuve Phase-5 before bedtime).

  •  Old Injuries show improvement (people with chronic injuries and scar tissue may experience some degree of relief after taking RENEUVE ).

  •  Smaller pore size noted on hands and facial areas (results seen in as little as 3 days).

  •  Greater energy and stamina (significant energy levels noticed after 1 dose, the individuals found they did not need afternoon "naps" anymore, others noted substantial energy increases).